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Harvest for 2022 - growing the boundaries

Whiteheads creek garden harvest in Feb 2022 Another very unusual year, but for very different reasons than the previous COVID years. With the easing of restrictions we were gradually given more opportunities to engage with the rest of society - but for those of us who chose not to get inoculated there were still many barriers in place. There wasn't much that we could do outside of our home during the Lock-Out period - refused entry to pubs, caf├ęs, restaurants, library, pool etc for months into the new year. Whiteheads Creek But we made the most of the freedoms that we had, building relationships with our local neighbours was one of them. We'd been invited to make use of the land across the road from us, which I'd play footy and soccer on with our kids - Kai and Sen. I noticed an overgrown garden bed smothered in 1m high of grass that I enquired about. I was offered the space to make use of - including access to water and a small shed to store tools. The space is about 150