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Water Audit - 2015

I'm in the process of preparing for a full day teaching session as part of a PDC run by David Arnold based in Violet Town. He's decided to focus on a permaculture principle for each of the sessions, and my focus is on Principle 4 : Apply Self-regulation and Accept Feedback. As part of this I'm running a workshop on a self-audit, so I decided to take a look at water, consumption and collection. I thought it important to also look at rainfall over the past year, to give a point of reference. BOM recorded rainfall for 2015 at nearby Mangalore airport : 344mm Our records show 297.5mm for our home - may not be entirely accurate.  Mean annual rainfall for Seymour (1981-2010) : 584mm. Our household consumption was quite low compared to typical household - around 150-170lt per day for a family of 4. A big part of the reason is that we only use tank water - and it was a dry year. On top of that; we don't wash ourselves everyday, we use a composting toilet system and w