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Bathroom with a view (to the blue greenhouse) Part 2

Principle 2: Catch and Store Energy This project has been one of the ongoing ones, that just took a giant leap forward - after some gentle nudging from Peter Lockyer, the builder architect who I worked with. Nothing like a deadline to work to, and the deadline is the 2014 Sustainable House Day - on this weekend. Some more about the progression of the greenhouse can be seen in the Bathroom with a view post . Since moving in there has been many competing priorities on what to do first. The greenhouse kept getting put on the back burner and it was Peter who kept moving me along, beginning with the adding of the flashing on the timber frame back in October 2011.  Since then the project stalled until I asked Peter if he was interested in running tours with me for this years Sustainable House Day. "Maybe you should finish off that greenhouse" - um, okay. Wow, no wonder I put it off for so long, it ended up being a BIG job. Flashing the blue greenhouse Peter begins to

2014 Sustainable House Day - September 7th

Principle 8: Integrate rather than segregate Sustainable House’s all around Australia will be opening their properties and homes for the public to see how people are doing something to reduce their impact on the environment.  We will be participating in the event again this year, opening our property to the public on the 7th of September from 10am till 4pm. Please bring a gold coin or two as a contribution. For directions to 1a Abdallah Road in Seymour click here .   Front of House You can find out more about the event and where homes are opening around Australia on the website . Richard Telford and Peter Lockyer will be running tours on the hour: please try to arrive at 5 minutes before the hour so we can get moving on time.  A little history of the project The project began in May 2008 in suburban Seymour, Central Victoria with the purchase of a three roomed bungalow with bathroom / laundry on a 584 sq metre (1/8 acre) block. The bungalow was carefully deco

Black Market #3 at Abdallah House

Design Principle 8: Integrate rather than segregate We hosted our first Black Market way back in July 2011 We are hosting our third Black Market at our house this Saturday 9th of August 2014 from 10am - 12pm. All are welcome to come along to see how the market works and visit our property. Bring some home grown goodies to swap and share! Richard Telford (that's me) will give a tour of Abdallah House, an urban example of low impact living with design features that include: a home grown deck, cool cupboard and cellar, passive solar design, food production, rainwater harvesting and is in the process of completing the greenhouse which is connected to the bathroom. There will also be some fermented goodies to try and cultures to share.  I'll also have the very recently published 2015 Permaculture Calendar that I create available for sale on the day for a special low price. Also available online for those of you who can't make it. How to get to Abdallah House: 1a