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Part-time schooling pt2

Principle 12: Creatively use and respond to change After one term of two days a week at Tallarook Primary School, Kai decided that he wanted to spend more time at home. He kept telling us that he found school 'boring'. We explained to him that if he continues one day a week at school he would still be able to spend time with his friends that he has made, the thing that he enjoys most. He thought that one day a week sounded much better, and so for the second term Kai told his teachers that that's what he wanted to do. Before I continue further, I just wanted to say that we are most impressed with Tallarook P.S., to have such open and understanding teachers is fantastic, they have been very supportive of the choices that we have made. I think that the schooling system has improved tremendously since I was there, and being part of a small school like Tallarook, with only 50 or so kids, gives us the feeling of being part of a caring community. We get involved as much as we