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Deconstruction, not demolition

Principle 3: Obtain a yield and Principle 4: Apply self regulation and accept feedback Deconstruction is a great way to 'Obtain a yield' from an old building. There's a great article written about ' Deconstruction VS Demolition (or how to take a house apart gently) ' which goes into quite a bit of detail about why it's a good idea. Not only are you doing the responsible thing by reducing waste going into landfill, but you are collecting materials that you can reuse in the contruction phase. Another thing to consider here, is that you need to deal with the materials that you have on site anyway, it costs money, time and effort to remove them, so why not try to use them? Trim, skirting boards, and other salvaged material from the removal of the interior lining put aside after denailing. Hardwood boards and assorted trim salvaged and stacked - it looks better when they are in neat piles. It's very important to 'Apply self regulation and accept feedback