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Reusing weatherboards

Principle 6: Produce no waste One of the things that I wanted to demonstrate in this project was that it is worthwhile reusing materials. By carefully deconstructing the original house I was left with quite a large stack of weatherboards. The question was, what was the best way to make use of them? One idea that I considered was to line the ceiling with them in the bedrooms. Mixed pine weatherboards, some bull nosed, some angle nosed and some flat boards I ended up deciding on using them for the long wall that runs the entire length of the house down the hallway. I had to do some calculations to make sure that I had enough timber to do the job. The boards would need to be sanded and trimmed if they were to look any good. I would trim about 15mm off the base of each board, leaving me with a 140mm coverage after they are overlapped. This would mean that the bull nosed (rounded) and angle nosed (flat) boards would look pretty much the same. I culculated that I would have enough f