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Some lessons learn't

Principle 4: Apply self-regulation and accept feedback During an interview for Grass Roots magazine yesterday I was asked "What were some of the lessons learnt?" I didn't give a very comprehensive answer at the time, but was awake at night thinking about it. Here is some of the things that I learnt: When Project Managing your own house build, make sure you do all of you research before you start the build - time is of the essence when the project is underway. This is particularly important with the sourcing / selection of materials. If using second hand materials, make sure they are all on site, cleaned up, easy to find and ready to go before the framing starts. This is especially important for windows and doors - all of ours were second hand. Building a timber rack before you start is a really good idea. If thinking about building a cellar / cool cupboard, do you research first, and perhaps you will avoid some of the issues that I faced - water can be a problem wh