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2014 Permaculture Calendar with moon planting guide

Principle 3: Obtain a Yield

UPDATE: The 2014 Permaculture Calendar has sold out, but the 2015 Calendar is now available

It's been a very busy time over the last few months. I've been collecting images and stories from around the world to illustrate the 12 Principles of Permaculture for the 2014 Permaculture Calendar. It's now available and the busy time continues as I spread the word.

The cover image, which is very cute, is of young Verti from Whanganui in New Zealand. Her father, Nelson, writes a great blog called Eco Thrifty Renovation about living more simply - highly recommended. I see similarities between our blogging efforts, though he post more frequently than I. I'd also like to point you towards another blog about a simple life in the suburbs by Michael Conlin called Suburban Digs, he's based in Canberra. Michael has allowed me to use some of his amazing photos, which I've used in this post. I love his work.

A Moon Planting Guide I've been interes…