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2014 Permaculture Calendar with moon planting guide

Principle 3: Obtain a Yield UPDATE: The 2014 Permaculture Calendar has sold out, but the 2015 Calendar is now available Practical, educational and beautiful. Photo: Michael Conlin It's been a very busy time over the last few months. I've been collecting images and stories from around the world to illustrate the 12 Principles of Permaculture for the 2014 Permaculture Calendar . It's now available and the busy time continues as I spread the word. The cover image, which is very cute, is of young Verti from Whanganui in New Zealand. Her father, Nelson, writes a great blog called Eco Thrifty Renovation about living more simply - highly recommended. I see similarities between our blogging efforts, though he post more frequently than I. I'd also like to point you towards another blog about a simple life in the suburbs by Michael Conlin called Suburban Digs , he's based in Canberra. Michael has allowed me to use some of his amazing photos , which I've used