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A proposal for Seymour

Principle 10: Use and Value Diversity Article in the Seymour-Nagambie Advertiser on Tuesday 24th April 2012 where I presented the Seymour Trail proposals Seymour We Want is a not-for-profit group that formed after a Jesuit Social Services study identified Seymour as the 10th most disadvantaged in Victoria and NSW in 1999. Over the past six months the group has invited residents to submit their 'Bright Ideas' for Seymour which have been collected and presented at a workshop with the plan of prioritising items for a new community plan. Of the nearly 600 'Bright Ideas' for Seymour I submitted about ten. One of those being a network of trails for Seymour town and surrounds, which I worked up further into maps that I will also be submitting to council as part of the Mitchell Open Space and Off-road Recreational Trails Strategy. I presented these maps at the workshop for feedback from resident and to stimulate discussion about how trails might be incorporated into

Spreading the word

Principle 8: Integrate rather than segregate Members of the ESPG enjoy lunch during their tour of Abdallah House In an effort to spread the word of what we are doing here and how we have done it I hosted a tour with permaculturalists from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, which is where I grew up. Below is an extract from Permaculture Melbourne's current newsletter 'PIE' (Permaculture Information Exchange no. 121). It's part of an article summing up recent activities of the Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group by Mal Boyd. For April, we ventured beyond the ‘burbs to visit Richard and Kunie’s fabulous retrofitted place in Seymour, ‘Abdallah House’ – highly recommended for a permie pilgrimage! As we were sipping on some home-grown herbal teas from the boiling billy, Richard told us about the history of the construction, the methods and materials and how they came to be there, a very interesting story. We saw how the eaves/spoutings were simply and minimally const