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Permaculture Tours - Episode 1: Abdallah House

The visit of Jordan and Anointette from Happen Films earlier in the year has resulted in the first episode in a series on Permaculture Tours. We are very happy with result, and it's been well received, with 15,000 views and over 900 likes on YouTube in the first week of release. I love reading through the comments. We get feedback from many people who find what we do inspires them, it makes me tingle all over. The clip features explanations about the cellar, cool cupboard, greenhouse, solar passive design, super fridge, food production, water harvesting, toilet and humanure composting If you like what you see here, and want to see more tours like this on the web, please consider supporting Happen Films with Patreon . I'd also highly recommend the ' Creatures of Place ' clip, with our friends (and fellow bloggers) ' Artist as Family ' - who also feature in David Holmgren's RetroSuburbia book.

'Super Fridge' the upright freezer conversion: Take 2

Upright freezer converted into a fridge Principle 1: Observe and interact Rather than give up on the idea of an upright freezer conversion, after the original one died after just 5 years , I decided to evolve the concept and learn from it. The way the conversion from a freezer to a fridge works is really very simple. A temperature controller is programmed to turn the freezer on when the temperature inside the freezer reaches 5ºC, and off when it reaches 3ºC (can be adjusted). The controller has a thermostat that measures the internal temperature. The freezer plugs into the controller, and the controller plugs into the wall socket. See this post for details about how I made it up - it cost about AU$15.  Choosing the right freezer Issues with the original design of the cheap (Aldi AU$299) upright 190L freezer that I used were: no space to stand up bottles water condensing on the top shelf poor build quality, seals and drawers cracking hard to open the door hard to op