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Insulating and lining

Principle 7: Design from patterns to details One of the comments that I've heard from owner builders in the past was not to hold back on insulation. You only get one real good chance at it. I took this advice, and asked for the biggest insulation that I could to fit into the wall cavities - R2.0. I also decided to insulated all interior walls, as well as the exterior ones. The reason for this is because I want to be able to close off parts of the house that are not in use, and only heat parts that are. Also, I value my privacy. I think that it's important to insulate from noise, both outside and inside. At around A$50 for a pack of 12 polyester batts (580mm x 1170mm), it's not a huge cost - but it does take time to fit properly. They were purchased locally and manufactured in Australia by Auspoly , mainly from recycled plastic bottles and are also recyclable (from what I understand), but do require a lot of energy in their manufacture. Getting insulation batts to fit s