There's a number of ways that you can come and visit Abdallah House in Seymour, Central Victoria:

Public Tours

Since 2011 we have been open as a part of International Permaculture Day, where the property is open for people to wander around and ask questions. held around the first Sunday in May each year.

From time to time there are local sustainable house tours in the area that we are involved in that are run through the Mitchell Shire Council or BEAM - Mitchell Environment Group. These are usually advertised in local newspapers or on their websites.

We were involved with the Sustainable House Day in September 2012 and 2014 but now focus our energy in support of Permaculture Day.

Richard describing the passive solar aspects of the house in 2012. Some from this group went on to set up Hibi Farm, that features on the cover of RetroSuburbia. (Photo: Maria Cameron)

Private Tours

We've also run a number of private tours for groups including: University of Technology Sydney, Eltham College, Country Greens Network, Seymour College, Seymour TAFE, Seymour Garden Club, Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group and Permaculture Design Courses.

Private tours can accommodate up to 25 adults and run for 2+ hours. They usually start with an introduction and a tour of the outside of the house is followed by and exploration inside to the heart of home. Guests are welcome to take photos and ask questions.

Communal lunch with Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group during an extended tour in 2012

Seymour college physics students, hour long tour in 2018
A typical tour lasts takes about 2 hours and costs $220 for a maximum of 20 adults (current 2023). Discounts may be available for schools and local groups. 

Care has been made to ensure our home is a safe place to visit, but it is a working urban homestead with associated dangers - eg stepping hazards, thorny plants, rainwater for drinking. Entry is at your own risk and insurance must be covered by the visiting group or individuals.

If you or your group are interested in organising a tour and discussing pricing then please contact richard.telford(at) (replace (at) with @


"Your property inspired the group in many ways - from the use of recycled materials from the original house to the use of water on the property, the cellar and cool room (cool cupboard), the importance of insulation and your wetland in the front garden - and your descriptions of the thinking behind the work were very informative." Cathy - Sustainable Communities Program
"Wonderful to see such an inspirational, thoughtful home and lifestyle. We all have a real life example of what to aspire to. Many thanks!" Yuki - Transition 3081
"You presented the story of Abdallah House without making out that it's impossible for others to achieve, with such modesty about the incredible project you have carried off... and the billy tea, cordial, chairs even for the kids, etc was just perfect - way over what I'd expected!" Maria - Transition 3081
"Thank you so much for sharing this amazing project. This is what the world needs to pursue, less commercial consumption and more sustainable living. Well done, an inspiration." James - 2012 Sustainable House Day
"Club members were interested in the energy-efficient house and edible garden and the couple's strategies for lowering their impact on the planet as much as possible, while maintaining a high quality of living." Lyn - Seymour Garden Club
"Finally got to view this incredible property after first hearing about it about 5 or 6 years ago. It lived up to expectations. Now to try and put some of this into practice at my place. Thank you for sharing." Rebecca - 2018 RetroSuburbia tour.
Mitchell Shire Council staff tour in 2015


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