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Kitchen evolution

Principle 7: Design from patterns to details While the kitchen design seemed simple enough in our plan, the construction and finessing has taken quite a bit of time. The basic plan was to have a long bench with sink facing the north window. Behind is the cool cupboard, pantry, bench and gas stove (more about that later). I was originally thinking of building the kitchen units, but time was not on my side. With a baby due, and a homebirth planned, I decided to purchase a flat pack kitchen from Ikea . We liked the idea of having a wide bench with deep drawers to store things underneath. Drawers allow much easier access to items up the back, but are much more difficult to build than just cupboard doors.While frustrating to deal with instore, the Ikea kitchen drawers have turned out great.   Kitchen walls being oiled before varnishing, using Bio Paints   Kick board made on site, with flatpack kitchen units and draws fitted on top     Mark having a think about the next step I had my