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Our house warms to a new life

Principle 8: Integrate rather than segregate We decided to purchase the ' Gourmet Cooker ' wood stove, getting a great deal through Sun Real , which I picked up from the factory in Albury. They are one of the few all Australian made wood stoves available on the market. I like it's integrated design, as you can cook, heat the home and hot water at the same time. The other stove that I was considering was the ' Bakers Oven ' from South Australia, which is a similar but smaller design. It was a challenge moving the Gourmet in, as it weighs about 160kg. Using levers, rollers and the help of my ingenious friend Dylan, we slowly moved it into place. The plumber then fitted the flue and hooked up the wet-back which is used to boost the solar hot water system . With our baby due in a matter of weeks we decided that now was the time to move in. Moving the 160kg 'Gourmet' wood stove into place using levers and rollers The big move House warming on a winters day