Spreading the word

Principle 8: Integrate rather than segregate

Today I received a copy of Owner Builder magazine, which features Abdallah House in the centre spread, six pages in all. It's a good summary of what we have been up to here and is sure to help get the story out to a wider audience.

I've also entered a competition called Sustainabilty Drive. It gives up to 20 people in the street the opportunity to share in $1 million in sustainability features. I got interested in the idea after I realised that it was a great way to share a little of what we are doing with people around us. Perhaps we might even win too? Yer... right. Anyway, I've put together and entry and I'm in the process of putting together a letter that I am going to drop into my neighbours letterboxes to invite them to join in. Check out my submission and click the green button if you like it.

Coming up soon there are a couple of opportunities for people (like you?) to come and visit the property to see what it's like in the flesh.


Gina said…
I hope you get lots of (well-deserved) votes! I posted it to my Facebook page and will email the link to some permaculture friends in Mexico.
Ramsey said…
I had to smile when I saw your House in my copy of the mag.
It is great. I hope you are happy with TOB article.
I am thinking of doing something similar.

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