All clear

Principle 7: Design from patterns to details

I've got the permits, the construction and public liability insurance (A$915 p.a.) and the financing has come through. Now that the plan is all laid out it's time to put ideas into practice...

It was a year to the day, from when the deposit was put down, when the earth moved for the project.

Peter, Quent and I met on site to peg out the house site in preparation for the earthworks. A local excavator driver (Dave) and his son came on site to see what work was involved in the job. Dave said "hang on a tick, I'll just pop round the corner and grab the Bobcat." So Dave heads off, and we think that it might be a good opportunity to move the red gum slabs that we had stacked and get them out of the way. Quent and I head off to get the trailer; meanwhile, Dave returns to clear the site. Things can move pretty quickly when your plan is in place.

By the time we returned the slabs were ready to be loaded. Then Dave cleared the topsoil from the red gum slab site. Next the house site was pegged out.

The red gum slabs were covered in sawdust to slow down the drying process.

Then Dave removed the topsoil from slab site for use later on.

The cleared site with stakes marking the house location. Slab site in foreground.


Louise Allana said…
This is fascinating. I thought I should post a comment just to say I have been reading your blog since the beginning and look forward to each update. Please keep on doing them :)
Dan said…
Nice one.. Must come up for a visit soon,,, maybe lend some muscle if needed :)

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