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Principle 12: Creatively use and respond to change

While there is still quite a bit of work to do around the house, none of it is that urgent - so my focus has moved to the garden and the local community. My involvement with local environment group BEAM: Mitchell Environment Group has increased somewhat since taking on the presidency role in August. With the VCAT hearing on the Cherry Tree Wind Farm to be decided any day now, I've become the face of the group and appeared on local news channel WIN TV to present some of the benefits of the proposal - for 15 seconds or so.

While the Wind Farm may or may not go ahead, one thing that has come out of the 'debate' about the proposal was the people who are for or against it all seem to agree that renewable energy is good and a way for the future. Perhaps just 'not in my backyard'. With that in mind we, as a group, decided to run an event with Yes2Renewables, which we called the Energy Futures Forum. Where some renewable options are demystified and presented to the local community, along with why we shouldn't look to fossil fuels in the future.

A big part of my role in the event has been surrounding promotion. I created the image below along with a flyer - which I've put around town and beyond - and have been posting articles from various contributors within BEAM on our website, social media and emailing it out to newspapers in the region and even got a spot on the local TV news. The response has been fantastic, with many articles published and great feedback from people that I've spoken to. We have no idea how many people will turn up, but we hope that the hall will be bursting. See links and more information below - come along if you can!

BEAM will be presenting an ‘Energy Futures’ forum in Seymour which will look at the what, why and how of energy.

In transitioning from our dependence on limited fossil fuel reserves to harnessing clean renewable energy – we can lower our impact on the environment and the severity of climate change. Reducing our own energy use will play a major role in our ability to make this transition. We all have a part to play in our Energy Future.
Guest speakers from around Victoria will talk about future energy options including solar and wind power, how to reduce energy use, your household bills and the risks associated if we don’t move to a renewable energy future. Not to be missed!
y2r-logoThe day will be facilitated by BEAM’s Phil Bourne with support from Leigh Ewbank of Yes2Renewables.

Speakers include:

Gwenda Allgood – Ararat Councillor, community benefits of wind farm development – see article
David RobinsonL.I.V.E. community solar on the South Melbourne market – see article
Chloe AldenhovenLock the Gate, coal seam gas & challenges for rural communities - see article
Trent Hawkins – Reducing bills and energy use in the household
Doug Hobson – Waubra wind farmer, benefits of living with wind power

Stay tuned, more speakers to be announced. Download the Energy Futures Flyer, print it out and spread the word!
* VRI Hall – Victorian Railways Institute Hall is next to Seymour Station, on the bus terminal side.


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