'Relocalising our Food System' presentation

Principle 12: Creatively use and respond to change

I have been a committee member of BEAM, our local environment group over the past year and have taken on the revitalisation of the newsletter. I've had some great feedback on what has been achieved and plan to continue this work over the next year. The newsletter has a shire wide focus and is available to members of the group, the website and facebook pages are kept up to date of what BEAM are up to along with other items of interest.
I invited David Holmgren and Su Dennett to present at our AGM this year and am glad to say that they were happy to join us. The presentation, 'Relocalising our Food System: Theroy and Practice' will focus on how we can become more self-reliant by producing food closer to where we live.
I've been interested in getting our members more active in what the group is up to, so when the idea of a BYO local food dinner came up I got very excited. It was inspired by the "Food Revolution" dinner held at the same venue a few months earlier and ties in well with the presentation. It also challenges our members and guests to get more active and think about how to positively respond the changes thet lie ahead.
If you are interested in coming along then you'd better book now, as I know that places are running out. See the invitation attached.

For more about permaculture co-originator David Holmgren visit his website: www.holmgren.com.au
For more about what Su Dennett is up to visit the Hepburn Relocalistion Network

Article that appeared in the Seymour Telegraph on the 8th of August 2012
An invitation to the BEAM AGM and presentation by David and Su


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