Toddler in training

Principle 4: Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

We found that when Sen does not where pants he is much more likely to let us know when he needs to use the toilet
We had been encouraging Sen to use the potty for quite a while before he started walking, watching out for the unmistakable facial expressions. His first 'direct hit' was a very exciting time for all of us. We even wrote it up on our calendar! While Kai took to the potty early and could pretty well look after himself, Sen liked the idea of using the toilet like the rest of us. Early on there were several attempts before the business was deposited in the toilet, but it eventually was, which was a cause for further celebration.

Sen was quite late in getting off the ground. He took his first steps at around 18 months, but it was a few months after that before he was regularly on his feet. At this time we started having more nappy free time in the hope that Sen would let us know when he needed to go. When using cloth nappies and rainwater there are BIG incentives to get this sorted early. Washing a load of nappies every other day uses about 160lt of water a shot in our old top loader, forcing us to use mains water for irrigation for the first time. Besides, changing nappies and scraping poo has never been one of my favourite activities.
While still using nappies at night the number of 'accidents' during the day decreased with time. At about the age of two we put undies on, which he hated, and is more likely to have an accident with them. He'd much rather have no pants at all, even during very cold days. Within a month he got used to the idea of wearing them undies we head out with little chance of an accident.
We now only need to do a load of nappies about once a week or so, and accidents are very rare. While it would be great if he could use the potty himself, his choice to use the toilet is still applauded, even though it's a regular job that requires urgent attention. When outside Kai is training him up in how to fertilise the trees directly, an important job for a big brother.


Linda said…
Isn't it great to be past the nappy stage! You're lucky it's just undies he doesn't like wearing. My two youngest used to strip naked ALL the time - yes winter too! Good on you for cloth nappies too. Do you use vinegar to soak them?
Kristy said…
It's funny the differences isn't it. My guys were all different (terry squares for the first two, modern cloth/home made for the second two).

We never did have a potty though (just a citrus tree and the toilet) and if it helps, boxer shorts (the little bike shorty type ones, not the silky loose ones) are much preferred here :)

Hooray for progress for Sen :)
Richard said…
Hi Linda. No we don't use vinegar for soaking. We put them straight into a 20lt bucket and put the lid on. When the bucket gets pretty full we do a separate wash (using soap nut liquid) and hang them in the sun to dry.

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