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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree House evolution

Principle 5: Use and value renewable resources and services

Kunie collecting vegetables for dumplings while Nana, Sen and Kai watch from the tree house
Over the past four months the stark box in a tree has transformed into a treetop wonderland. As the canopy regrows after the heavy pruning it provides a ever changing shaded play space that overlooks the gardens and activities below.
Pruning continues ad hoc as the internal area of the tree house is used in imaginary games (fishing, cooking etc). It's envisaged that the larger surviving branches will be tied together to create an espailered dome after the leaf drop, further enhancing this creative space that continues to evolve.

Kai in the tree house

Kai preparing a meal of 'bacon and eggs' for Nana in the tree house

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Linda said...

How lovely! What a fantastic wonderland for the kids. Mind you, I'd be having kittens about my kids getting up there! Kai and his Nana look like they're having fun.

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