More lining

Principle Six: Produce no waste

The lining has been quite a labour intensive process, especially when reusing secondhand materials. I love the effect, a brand new building with built-in character. I've spent about 112 hours all up on the weatherboard (and plywood) lining, while it takes a lot of time the $ cost isn't huge. All weatherboards used have been recovered from the original house that was deconstructed. Plywood was purchased in bulk, is made in New Zealand and FSC certified.

Weatherboard lining above north windows on exterior

 Gap above top board covered with recycled flywire for fire resistant design and to deter insect access.

Weatherboard lining using up offcuts

Weatherboard and plywood lining along hallway, lights yet to be fitted above doorways which will help make a feature of the wall

Removing the paint filled inner grove from an old weatherboard using a chisel so that the boards sit nicely above one another
Flat weatherboard lining around toilet and bathroom doors. Trim around doors recovered from original building.

Testing timber treatments


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