Wrap it up

Principle 2: Catch and store energy

Now that the frame is basically up we can fit windows and begin wrapping the building with reflective foil. The foil is particularly effective in hot climates offering a radiant barrier which reflects heat back out. The foil does not have an R-value itself, that is only fully achieved by a air space of 25mm between the foil and solid surface, in this case corrugated iron.

Locally sourced hardwood battens are used to hold the reflective foil in place, while providing the air gap needed for it to work. A 600mm spacing between battens makes working on the curved roof much easier.

Making sure that no sharp edges protrude is very important to ensure that the foil doesn't tear. Here Peter and Quent take the edges off the end of the box beams.

Second-hand windows in place, roof and south side of the building wrapped.


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